Coaching Skills For Your Workplace

Why would you do this?

We saw at the London and Rio Olympics, that with the proper funding and coaching, talented individuals and teams get the best opportunities to excel. Life-coaching simply takes the ideas and principles of sports coaching and applies them to your staff. Coaching aims to help your staff get the very best out of themselves, and this training will give them the basic skills to start coaching themselves, each other and the pupils they work with.

What will we do?

The training will introduce basic coaching skills by setting up and working through a coaching session. The focus of the session is on the three basic questions asked by most coaches: Where am I? Where do I want to be? How will I get there? In this introduction, we will look at basic coaching skills such as goal-setting, maintaining focus & motivation, and accessing the best resources.

How will we do it?

This is an introductory session that can be delivered in a day. However, staff who want to develop their skills further can extend their training either face to face or by on-line seminar and Skype conversation. The session is interactive, and participants will have the chance to start to practice their skills with each other. All participants will receive a copy of the materials for them to use and to take their coaching into their workplaces.

How will it fit in with what you do?

I watched a video of highlights from the London 2012 Olympics. The film showed Team GB athletes winning five gold medals in a variety of sports. The combineddifference between first and second place, between Gold and Silver, in those events was less than half a second. So what?I believe that if your staff is already effective and efficient in what they do, exposing them to coaching skills will give them that extra “edge” that can make a dramatic difference in what they do.