DIY Excellent INSET

Why would you do this?

Let’s face it, as educators, we are great at engaging learners in the business of teaching and learning. However, we are not always as good at training each other and taking care of our own professional development. So, your staff development budget might stretch to one “Star Speaker” per year, but what about the other 4 INSET days that we are supposed to fill with high quality training and inputs for our colleagues? From personal experience this amazing resource can be frittered away because although we are wonderful teachers we are sometimes rubbish at delivering our own training!

What will we do?

String game

You will be introduced to some exciting and well-proven training techniques that have either been developed ourselves or learnt from other trainers from across Europe.  We want to help you turn your staff members from “hostages” or “holiday-makers” at INSET to become active and willing participants. Have you heard of Open Space Technology? Do you know how you might use the Goldfish Bowl? How good are you at managing your staff’s mood and energy in INSET? What can you do to engage even the most dyed-in–the-wool, time-serving member of the “Awkward Squad”? All this and more…

How will we do it?

  • We will want to meet with you and design a programme that will fit the needs of your organisation/school/business/networks.
  • This is not training that every member of staff needs to take part in, just those who have some responsibility to deliver CPD & INSET to other staff. We will work in groups of up to 20 members of staff from different organisations.
  • We want active members of the training group. It simply works best like that. This being the case, participants will be given small tasks to prepare before the training takes place and be expected to commit to completing them.
  • We believe firmly in experiential learning, so our commitment is to provide you with the right experiences to learn from and the space to reflect on the learning gained from the experience.
  • We will also give each participant a resource pack to help you remember and use the best bits!

How will it fit in to what you already do?

What we want to do is equip you with the techniques to make your CPD/INSET training fantastic no matter what new challenges your organisation might face, or the latest schemes dreamt up in the tortured minds of the new Education Secretary, OFSTED or the Ghost of Michael Gove! This is about HOW to do great training, not about choosing the content.