Increasing the Resilience and Wellbeing of Your Staff

Why would you do this?

Do you want yourself and your staff to have even better relationships with the students and each other? Would you like to be even more resilient in what they do? Would you like your staff to be even more in control over themselves and their working environment? Is stress and burnout something you want to avoid? Do you wish your staff had fewer “bad days” and bad days that were even less bad? Do you want to reduce feelings of powerlessness and being overwhelmed in your workplace?

If you can answer “Yes” to any/all of these questions, this training will help you and your staff.

What will we do?

You will have a day working on simple, easy to use and effective techniques to boost staff wellbeing and resilience. The material we will use is adapted from Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life-Coaching.

How will we do it?

The training will normally last at least a day, although we can adapt it to half-days and twilight sessions. The techniques will be demonstrated and then staff will have the chance to try them out for themselves working in small groups or pairs. Each staff member will be given a copy of the material to help them to remember, practice and become confident in their use: We make our training sustainable so that staff will get even more than a wonderful experience on the day.

How will it fit in with what you do?

We know that moods and emotions can be contagious, especially when working directly with other people. If you can accept this idea, then all you can apply it to your team: if they look after their own resilience and wellbeing they are more likely to look after the people they work with.