Un-Sticking the Stuck Kids

Why would you do this?

We all come across those students and young people who can’t or won’t engage with us no matter what we do. This can apply to school life in general or to any specific day, subject area or staff member. While we might not always be in great position to address deep underlying problems, there is lots of stuff we can do to address the here-and-now behaviour to make life better for all.

What will we do?

This training offers some innovative approaches and strategies to help get through to the pupils and students that seem to be the hardest to reach. As well as seeking to deepen our understanding of how and why young people won’t engage, it looks at how we can use simple language patterns to promote engagement. There will be an introduction to some quick, easy to use and effective tools adapted from NLP to help students become aware of their “stuckness” and offer opportunities to change it.

The course includes:

  • Models of what makes us get “stuck”
  • Using language patterns to help “un-stick”
  • Tools and techniques to promote ongoing engagement and a chance to practice them
  • A resource pack for each participant

How will we do it?

Participants will be given the opportunity to practice and share the techniques with colleagues, and each will be provided with a resource pack so that the effects of the training continue beyond the end of the session.

How will it fit in with what you do?

  • All front-line staff including: teachers, youth workers, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, and SLT members will benefit from the content.
  • Careers advisers, pastoral staff as well as Family Liaison Workers and parents and staff with responsibility for CPD or Behaviour will find this useful to develop a whole school approach to improving behaviour, attendance and results.